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Zivogosce - Mala Duba

Zivogosce is a village in the southern part of Makarska Riviera, situated 20 km southern of town of Makarska (Adriatic coast, Dalmatia, Croatia). It's divided into three parts: Porat, Mala Duba and Blato; the distance between each of them is 1 km. Mala Duba is the smallest part of the village, surrounded by the hundreds year old pine-wood, crystal clear sea, and the wonderful beaches (some of them are for nudists).

These are the main attributes of Mala Duba:

  • a quite and a peaceful surroundings (the sound of the waves and a symphony of cicadas are the main melodies here… there are no traffic jam, rush ours and a lot of cars, there are no hundreds of people on the beach…
  • the beautiful beaches! Don't take my word – look it by yourself!
  • an ideal place for the parents with the small children (Mala Duba will be a big playground to them. How do I know? I have spent all of my summer holidays here as a kid, with my grandparents – those were the days :-).

With its specific charm of ancient Mediterranean, Mala Duba will always remain in your heart as Mediterranean as it used to be.
Besides the sun, the sea and the beaches, Zivogosce offers you also: tennis courts (2 km away), water-sports (jet-ski, parachute etc), the romantic walkings in the forest and the mountain Biokovo.

A map of Zivogosce with location of the house and the beaches
Map: Zivogosce

An average daily temperatures in Mala Duba (1999 - 2003)
An average daily temperatures

  A map of Mala Duba with a location of the house and the beaches
Map: Mala Duba