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  C O N T A C T S
e-mail :  whisperofthesea@gmail.com
mobile :  +385 98 293 672 ; +385 98 30 47 86
Note :  For the reservation of the apartment the deposit amounts 20 % of the bill payable on account...the rest of the amount will be paid to the owner at arriving date
Account : 
receiver : Toni Franičević, Mala Duba 62, 21329 Igrane
receiver's bank : Privredna banka Zagreb, Račkoga 6, Zagreb, Croatia
account number : 20210213086
swift : PBZGHR2X
IBAN : HR06 2340009 3101080906
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  Why "Whisper of the Sea"?

Some of our guests have told us that they have not been able to fall asleep during the first night in the house because of 'that sound, that sea, those waves-that whisper of the sea'.

Ten days later, after they went to their homelands they called us pleading to sent them a tape with that 'Whisper of the Sea' on it cause they have been missing it so much that they have not been able to fall asleep in their own beds.

That's the reason we have chosen that name for our house and our website.
We love that 'Whisper of the Sea' and maybe you'll fall in love to it too.

Welcome (to the house where the Sea......whispers)!