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Adriatic apartments - 'Whisper of the Sea' - Dalmatia, Croatia

The house 'Whisper of the Sea' is located in Zivogosce - Mala Duba ('Beach Paradise' - the village known after its beautiful beaches of which some are reserved for nudists), 19 km southern of Makarska (Makarska Riviera, Dalmatia region) in Croatia. With its comfortable apartments, big terraces with a lot of flowers and the beautiful view on the sea it will remain in your heart as a Mediterranean you dreamt about.

The croatian part of adriatic coast is known as one of the longest coastlines in Europe (5800 km), with 1200 islands in the front of it. Makarska Riviera - the famous tourist resort, is located in the central part of adriatic coast, 60 km southern of Split (the Palace of Roman emperor Diocletianus) and 120 km northern of Dubrovnik, and has been considered as the most beautiful part of adriatic coast.

The fame of Makarska Riviera is based on kilometers of pebbled beaches stretched all along the Riviera, and on the mountain Biokovo with its high peaks, which arises directly from the sea, and give You such a beautiful view on the seaside surrounded by the islands of Dalmatian archipelago. The charme and magic of Mediterranean you will reveal in Makarska as a centre of Riviera, but also in surrounding villages, which have been strung up as the pearls around the main jewel in the necklace called Makarska Riviera.

That is the reason why is Makarska Riviera so special: in a such small area You can find the places with a such different environment (Makarska as a centre with its famous night life and touristic fun and on the other hand, the villages where You will be surrounded by the pine trees and a concert of cicades).

Zivogosce - Mala Duba is one of those villages, situated 19 km southern of town of Makarska.

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